death becomes geoducks

Updates on Geoduck Project

On July 15th I went to the hatchery at Pt Whitney to check mortality for Matt George’s maturation control project. While I was there I also checked on the seasonal fertility of my geoducks -Results: I re-labeled the remaining 6 animals with with F or M (circled) to indicade Male or Female, and then I assigned them a letter A,B,C,D,E,F (underlined). In the case of animal F, it was a male so I gave it a number #6. -Fertility: I pulled a sample of the gonad with a syringe (non-fatally) and there was no ripe females and only a few males with active sperm. It is not the spawning season right now and these animals might have to overwinter at the hatchery to re-ripen for buoyancy experiment.

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July goals

Goals for July research 2021

First Project: lab work 2-3 days a week on the Pacific Oyster triploid temperature stress experiment #2 with Matt at Pt Whitney -So far I have been labeling oysters, measuring shell lengths, and feeding rate assays. Will eventually be in change of the citrate synthase assay as well.

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