July goals

Goals for July research 2021

First Project: lab work 2-3 days a week on the Pacific Oyster triploid temperature stress experiment #2 with Matt at Pt Whitney -So far I have been labeling oysters, measuring shell lengths, and feeding rate assays. Will eventually be in change of the citrate synthase assay as well.

Second Project: Geoduck maturation control has been indefinitily on hold until Mac and Laura get back in town. The new goal is to attempt a serotonin spawn and then do buoyancy experiment on oocytes -hopefully this will get done the second/third week in July -see google doc for procedure procedure here

Third Project: Fish Breeding Project:Mitochondrial activity as an indicator of resiliency and marker for pacific oyster breeding programs -hopefully will start this project after Matt George’s project finishes up -The goal of this project is to provide a cost-effective method to easily test mitochondrial function in broodstock mollusks and quickly identify individuals, families or populations that have a high likelihood of survival in a warming ocean. -Take healthy broodstock oysters and stress them out with temperature at three levels (15-20-25C) over 30 days. -We expect that there will be physiological and genetic signatures of performance in the best performing temperature stressed oysters that will be predictive of the survival or fitness of offspring phenotypes. -The impact of this study will further aid ongoing studies in the field of shellfish maturation control as well as helping conservation managers in selection of the fittest broodstock animals.

Written on July 1, 2021