Molecular Delivery 1

Update for C.gigas Molecular Delivery Project w/ Mac Gavery on August 18th 2022

protocol here

Experimental Set-up (c. gigas embryos)

  • Group A: Control, fertilized in 1.5mL tubes, densities of 5,000 cells/mL -> 20,000 cells/mL, no dextran (embryos)
  • Group B: Dextran, same densityes as above, all componenets present (embryos)
  • Group C: Mac’s Control, fertilized in hatchery style, oocytes with dextran, same densities as above (embryos)

1 hours post fertilization

|Group #|Regular|Fluorescence| |—|—|—| |Group A||| |Group B|||

24 hours post fertilization (August 19th)

|Group #|Regular|Fluorescence| |—|—|—| |Group A||| |Group B|||

48 hours post fertilization (August 20th)

  • All densities have swimming larvae, no obvious deformities on average
  • I would use a density of ~25,000 to allow for easy viewing under the scope, 5,000 was not dense enough for counts
Group # Regular Fluorescence
Group A
Group B
Group C
Written on August 20, 2022