CS update

Citrate-Synthase for NOPP gigas ploidy temp 2021 experiment

Code for caluclating Bovine Serum Assay Protein Results and Citrate-synthase Assay Results

  1. batch 1 samples 1-23 here
  2. batch 2 samples 24-48 here
  3. batch 3 samples 49-70 here
  4. compiled results 1-70 here

Standard Plots

  1. Citrate-Synthase Standards
  2. Bovine Serum Assay Standards
  3. Positive Controls, Backgrounds Controls

Finding Outliers for any redos

  1. See full results list here
  2. plot time on X axis and Absorbance on Y axis, redo if there is a flatline example below
    • Batch 1:every sample needs to be redone
    • batch1
    • Batch 2: redo samples X47, X48, N41, R62, M46, N47 based on flatlines
    • batch2
    • Batch 3: looks great!
    • batch3 ___
  3. plot Protein content vs Absorbance (a measure of CS) to see if there are any negative values or outliers
    • I would redo R60, R51, R59 due to negative values, and also N49 and N57 for being outliers
    • batch_plot
Written on July 8, 2022